Equine Veterinary Journal Podcasts
EVJ In Conversation, No. 45, August 2020 - Equine coronavirus
EVJ On The Hoof Podcast, No. 14, August 2020 - The prevalence of uveitis in a population of donkeys in the UK
EVJ On The Hoof Podcast, No. 13, July 2020 - External transcutaneous ultrasound technique in the equine cricoarytenoideus dorsalis muscle
EVJ On The Hoof Podcast, No. 12, July 2020 - Efficacy of the combination of doxycycline and azithromycin for the treatment of foals
EVJ In Conversation Podcast No. 44, June 2020 - The association of body mass index with incisional complications, and surgical repair of osteochondral defects
EVJ On The Hoof Podcast, No. 11, June 2020 - Recovery quality following a single post-anaesthetic dose of dexmedetomidine or romifidine
EVJ On The Hoof Podcast, No. 10, May 2020 - Radiographic tracheal lumen to vertebral ratios in the normal American Miniature Horse
EVJ In Conversation Podcast No. 43, April 2020 - Inflammatory mediators caused by shockwave therapy, and catastrophic breakdown in racehorses.
EVJ On the Hoof, No. 9, April 2020 - Nonsurgical and surgical management of metacarpo/metatarsophalangeal joint dorsal chip fracture in the Thoroughbred racehorse
EVJ On the hoof Podcast, No. 8, March 2020 - Annual booster vaccination and the risk of equine influenza to Thoroughbred racehorses
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